About Us

Amanda R Chandler @AmandaRChandler
Elementary Ed. & Writing Arts Under Grad. Rowan Universrity
Exploring marketing strategies/ logos/font choices to provoke consumer emotion.

Jessica M Tuckerman @JMTuckerman
BA Writing Arts, specializing in Creative Writing and New Media and Publishing, concentration in New Media.
Visual Rhetoric of Video Games

Tom Winkelspecht @thisistomwink

Hey! I’m Tom and I’ve seen a lot of movies. Nothing makes me happier than talking about them, and so for class I’m talking about the rhetoric of body images that movies use to help define their characters.

Katlyn Slough @katslough
BA Writing Arts, minor in English, specialization in Creative Writing
Exploring visual rhetoric of movie posters

Christina Maxwell @CMaxwell_
MA in Writing, specializing in Composition/Rhetoric Studies, working on a Master’s Project related to first-year comp students & revision.
Analyzing semiotics of pop culture- music, concerts, television, celebrities.

Elle Jaclyn Krout (Elle Jaclyn Lorre) @ellejlorre
Horror writer, aficionado and BA student in Writing Arts (Concentration: Workplace Writing, because technical writing is fun!), talking about the symbolism of spooky things.

Phil Cole @philcole89

Hello. I’m a graduate student in Writing Arts at Rowan University. My concentrations have branched out in multiple directions, including creative writing and composition studies. My posts on this blog will focus on the semiotic elements in toy commercials, political advertisements, and perhaps a few other areas as this course goes on.


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