human testing

Storyboard On ‘Human Testing’

I approached my storyboard in a bit of an irregular fashion. I wanted to have movable pieces so that I was able to rearrange and think of how to present the image. This presentation is a bit linear, so I’l have to rearrange them.

Being a by unsure of what and how to address ‘Human Testing’. Honestly, I had only thought that human testing was done unintentionally or with the testing subject unaware of the actual testing and had not ventured into the realm of intentional/forced human testing. Originally thinking I was looking into pollution, food pesticides, atomic bomb and technology radiation rather than Holocaust twin and African American syphilis unethical testing. Humans testing on other humans is an area I want to peruse as well. This mash up will include both intentional and unintentional testing on humans is a strangely intriguing idea. I want to connect the idea of animal testing to human testing to show that we are animals. Animals, as creatures and animals as monsters.

While I do not want to blatantly state my opinion of both being wrong I want the viewers to ponder about both idea and how humans control both of them. I am nervous about finding human testing clips. Having a magnitude of actual testing clips will be effective for the viewers, but depressive for my sanity.

Human Testing Proposal

At first glance, I immediately saw Animal Testing as a black and white topic. Being a large advocate for Beagles I neglected to look at it another way. I’ll begin thinking about animal testing in a new light, on humans. We are creating our world, but this world is now home to technology that we have created and many times we are unsure how it is affecting us. Cell phones omit radiation, but not much research has been conducted on the side effects it could possess. Our food is manipulated, mass produced, and full of toxic and unnatural chemicals War alone has killed millions. Whether and unwanted draft or a new advanced weapon, the battlefield has also become a large laboratory for human rats. Our bodies are becoming the test subjects. Are humans testing humans? Are we merely just another animal to be tested on? I want to incorporate animal testing and war imagines. I think that having a contrast of clean food imagines and over worked, processed food as well might aid my vision.