Second Photo Essay Proposal-Progress, NJ

Originally, my intention for the photo essay was to attempt capturing photos of abandoned spaces in town in an attempt to show what my hometown had become, in the tradition of The Ruins of Detroit.

However, as I began going out and thinking about the photographs I was taking, and after a conversation with the professor, I began to rethink my purpose.

The professor had mentioned that as I was trying to capture decay, my presentation of the town would be incomplete without showing photos of the town doing well.

At first I didn’t think that this went along with what I saw as true to the town, a thought which lead me to my new proposal.

Truth is, of course, illusory. I cannot present any absolute truth about Riverside. So instead, I am trying to show the many things that a town can be.

In order to emphasize this, I am using disposable cameras I’ve altered with vaseline. By doing this I am trying to mess with the focus and clarity of the images.

This is a semiotic choice. As I mentioned earlier, truth is illusory. The vaseline/soft focus distortion is therefore an attempt at reinforcing this notion, the dream-like quality this adds to the photographs is hopefully realized as part of the illusion of being able to call any portion the whole truth.




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