Photo Essay Proposal: Present Moments or Roadkill

I was contemplating the idea of capturing life in the moment through panoramic view. When things are not part of our main focus we tend to forget about them. If we utilize our peripherals and examine life in a panoramic view we become aware of the moment we are in. I can only recollect on small opportunities when my teachers asked me to pay attention to how much I could see while looking straight ahead.  Even then I didn’t think about perspectives, I only thought about my health. When we only look straight ahead, without using our peripheral we don’t notice everything that surrounds us unless we are prompted to look for it. By taking time to look around we are given a moment to recognize the present and forget about the future, or where we have to be. If spotlight is placed on the future, the present is neglected. For this proposal I was conflicted on how my content would be captured. On one hand cellular devices represent moments in the now, because they are always with us our lives are tracked with the cell phones, unlike a large and heavy DSLR, which is not used for regular life. That being said, using and DSLR is also an attractive choice as it can represent clarity. These movements are often overlooked are important and should be given the same credit as momentous occasions that demand a higher quality photo.


 My other proposal was to look at texting and driving in a different light. Texting a driving kills more than just humans by alluding to the idea of the undervaluing of animals in a human dominated culture. There’s an unspoken rule while driving that you shouldn’t swerve for something smaller than cat, but if the thing was a human being, you slam on the brakes as hard as you can. I was thinking about taking photos of ‘roadkill’ or dead animals that had been hit by cars. These bodies are rarely taken off the road and will remain until they decompose, which is incredibly morbid if you think about it. Additionally, I would include my car in all of the photos. In order to capture the idea of texting and driving all images would be taken on my cellular device.


Not sure which idea I like more, so I need some assistance in choosing one, if either of them are accepted.



  1. Hi Amanda,

    I really like the idea of photographing the periphery and I’ve been thinking about how you might be able to do that.

    Using a panoramic app on the phone, however, seems to me that you are actually paying close attention to what is in the periphery: you’re using the app to capture all that is around you.

    Perhaps there is a way to force people who are looking at the image to focus on what is not focused on—the margins or periphery—instead of where people tend to look, which is in the middle or along the rule of thirds. Perhaps you can photograph things as you normally would, then after putting them on the computer, blacking out or whiting out using Photoshop or some other editor everything but what is on the margins. Some like here, in one of my photos of Yosemite:

    We should talk about it a bit….


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