Mashup Storyboard: Turning Tricks…



I have such trouble working on things like this, without actual footage to go by while working, which is perhaps why most of this relies on video clips I’m already familiar with. I wanted to open with a short scene from Law and Order: SVU, getting the voice of the cop saying disparaging about the murdered girl (who he thinks is a prostitute, but is actually a college student–oops!) before cutting into the music. Now, I forgot that there was thirty seconds of music in the song before the lyrics start, because for this I was going off the rhythm of the lyrics to determine when to cut to the next clip. So, this is for the second thirty seconds of the song.

There are a variety of “types” of clips I want to use: I want to use images of younger girls and women being confident in their dress and body, one or two flashes of terrible and awkward sex ed classes that most people learn nothing in, images of both men and women leering and being otherwise judgmental when a “certain type” of woman passes, images of violence against such women (not necessarily just sex workers, but also women and girl who are dressed in a way that could make someone accuse them of “asking for it”), as well as confident clips of burlesque dancers and strippers. I also want to, for a portion of the mashup, flash quick images of the victims of what is probably the best known sex crime: Jack the Ripper. I actually think the fact we have to use older as well as newer video really benefits me because the viewing of women–especially sexual women–has been a problem since, well, before Jack the Ripper.

On a final, whimsical note, I hope I never have to write the sentence “young girls in short skirts” even again because now I feel like a creep.



  1. Pretty cool stuff-have you thought about the SVU clip, can’t remember what episode where the cop uses the term “No Human Involved” when reporting the crime? Might be a good rhetorical useful thing.

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