Human Testing Proposal

At first glance, I immediately saw Animal Testing as a black and white topic. Being a large advocate for Beagles I neglected to look at it another way. I’ll begin thinking about animal testing in a new light, on humans. We are creating our world, but this world is now home to technology that we have created and many times we are unsure how it is affecting us. Cell phones omit radiation, but not much research has been conducted on the side effects it could possess. Our food is manipulated, mass produced, and full of toxic and unnatural chemicals War alone has killed millions. Whether and unwanted draft or a new advanced weapon, the battlefield has also become a large laboratory for human rats. Our bodies are becoming the test subjects. Are humans testing humans? Are we merely just another animal to be tested on? I want to incorporate animal testing and war imagines. I think that having a contrast of clean food imagines and over worked, processed food as well might aid my vision.


One comment

  1. Hi Amanda,

    This looks good to me. You’re going to have to dig back to times when humans have actually been test subjects, such as the Tuskegee study of untreated syphilis in black men and the testing of twins during the Holocaust and and many others. You may be able to find video on some of these (it is a particularly depressing read, that page as is this). Once you find some examples of unethical human experimentation, start looking for video on them. It might not be all that easy to find.

    This is a very interesting topic, though, and with the right kinds of juxtaposition, I think it can be very effective.

    Good luck!

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