An Emotional Atlas

As I started this project, I wanted everyone to map a specific settting-my Gram’s dining room-at a particular time-Sundays when we met for breakfast. However, I realized that this was a bit problematic in that it would severely limit how the maps would be made.


The reason I had chosen this time was because of the emotional connection I felt existed with this experience.

Memory plays an important part to the maps. Invariably, any party of that side of the family would be centered around her dining room. It is this identification of the room’s importance to my mappers’ emotional memory that drives their narratives. As a collection, they are trying to prove something, not only to the audience they are imagining but to themselves. This idea greatly affects their maps. How they choose to outline the room does not become a question of technical skill, but also of familial affection. –From my introduction

These maps are not attempting to produce an exact replica of the room. Rather, they are stories. As I have tried to show through a discussion of the semiotics being used by my mappers, the individual maps are use techniques that display and confirm a connection.

See the atlas here.


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